Cooked Hebridean Langoustine - 1kg N1 - Large

Nephrops norvegicus

Ready to eat.
10 - 15 pcs per kg

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Product Description

  • Creel caught off the Hebridean coast by the local boats.
  • Closely related to the lobster the Langoustine are also known as Norway Lobster and Dublin Bay Prawn and in its most popular role, as scampi - that's what we call the meat in the tail once it has been peeled.
  • The langoustine is a very beautiful fish and its white flesh is succulent and delicious.
  • The number of langoustine you receive may differ slightly depending on the size and weight of the individual langoustine in your package.  However, you will still receive the weight you have ordered.  
  • Because of the larger size of  the langoustine, the claws will be a good size. The meat found in the claws is a delicious and compliments the meat from the body and tail.
  • This product has a 7 day shelf life in chill.


Creel caught Langoustine are caught in creels on the East of the Hebrides, sometimes in waters as deep as 100 fathoms The langoustine live in holes or burrows in the soft muddy bottom and are tempted out and into the creels by herring bait. The smaller ones can escape through the netting mesh. Did you know that when you go abroad and eat Langoustine it almost certainly came from Scotland? One of the most popular of seafoods.

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