Hebridean Cooked Lobster - XSmall 400-600g

Homarus gammarus

Ready to eat.

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Product Description

Product Description

  • Cooked and ready to eat wild Scottish lobster responsibly and sustainably creel caught off the Hebridean coast by the local boats.
  • Live lobsters aren’t red. They turn red when cooked.
  • You can cut any lobster in half and get two servings.
  • A beautifully delicate, subtle sweet flavour that is unlike that of frozen supermarket imports.
  • Bigger sizes available on request.
  • This product has a 7 day shelf life in chill.

Lobsters are caught in creels in the traditional way to the West of the Hebrides between April and October every year.  We can send the lobster cooked and prices fluctuate over the season with prices lower in May and June and can be much more expensive in the run up to Christmas.

  • What to expect when you purchase a Lobster:

Delicious White Meat - this can be found in the tail and claws of the Lobster
Tomalley - this is the soft green or red substance which is found in the body cavity of Lobsters that fulfills the function of both the liver and pancreas. It is perfectly safe to eat and is often considered a delicacy. It may be eaten alone or used in sauces for flavour and as a natural thickening agent.

Please note: we do not crack the claws on our cooked Lobsters (this is to ensure the juices within the claw keep the meat soft and moist)

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